Ban on use of air missiles, paragliders, microlight aircraft, drones IG News

Nation News Marathi Team.

Mumbai/Rep – Prohibition of flying activities of drones, paragliders, remote controlled microlight aircraft, para motors, hand gliders and hot air balloons within Brihanmumbai Police Commissionerate limits, which are harmful to the national interest and lead to anti-national activities. Deputy Commissioner of Police, Vishal Thakur informed that it has been implemented till July 16, 2023.

These orders are applicable so that law and order will not be disturbed anywhere in the jurisdiction of Mumbai Police Commissionerate, general public will not be endangered, important persons will not be endangered, public property will not be damaged. However, this order will be relaxed for those who have taken prior written permission during this period.

Violators of this order will be prosecuted under Section 144 of the Indian Penal Code.