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Uttara Kannada/ Vijayapura: Four in directions Wash off Wash off That is of women Exclamation.. Yalamma to mother special Puja Punaskar. repository flying the hand finished demanding Devotees, on me god Charged dance Women. This all celebration found came Answer Kannada And of Vijayapur not made In the full moon. Yes, not made full moon Background Answer Kannada And of Vijayapur Yalamma of the goddess Shrines special Weeded.

Answer Kannada In Bankapur As in Bankapur Yalamma Goddess In the temple celebration It was loud. Hundreds in numbers had arrived Women of the fort Yalamma to the goddess special Puja submit, their Wishes to fulfill begged.

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A Short History of Kote Yallamma

Fort Yalamma of the temple of history According to the mother all was born right here, Grown up too Right here Anno There is faith. Renuka of the king It was a palace This in position be born After Jamadagni to as a wife Savadatti to she goes. For that In addition her childhood Many trace That is growing up braided And the feet the natives Here will show.

Worship other gods too

not made full moon the day the mother all Kissing the day Anno There is a copy. Thus Hundreds Devotees Here join Lord Brahma from caught Anjaneya, To Parasurama Puja submit to the goddess fruit do it Grateful.

Celebration in Vijayapur too!

of Vijayapur Even in ashes heavy of number Devotees gathered. not made full moon Background Yalamma to mother special Puja took place. of the goddess Darshan received of devotees, Wash off…! Wash off…! Exclamation ring out, Mr in the field celebration smile touched. State That’s it Also outside From the state Enough Devotees come to the goddess special Worship submit Purified.

Savadatti is the mother of Budiha, similar to Yellamma

not made to the full moon of the state Nana sides Devotees the family along with Savadatti Yallamma to the temple leave. Still Some people of Vijayapur stand still in the taluk ashes Yalamma mother’s to the temple will come. Savadatti Yalamma of the goddess Each shape From being in ashes Devotees Even here more in numbers will arrive. Thus not made full moon Even in ashes celebration the house had done.

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In total Answer Kannada And of Vijayapur Devotees not made full moon Background Yalamma mother’s A blessing Bhakti in the ocean He was beaten.


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