Bangaon Water Supply | Bangaon Water Supply Scheme: Otherwise water supply to those villages will stop, more than one crore water tax due IG News

Bangaon Water Supply

Gondia, The Bangaon Regional Rural Water Supply Scheme is implemented through the Zilla Parishad Rural Water Supply Department. Which supplies pure drinking water to more than 36 villages in Amgaon and Saleksa tehsils of the district. But due to non-recovery of water tax in Gram Panchayats by the beneficiaries on time, Rs 1 crore 19 lakh 94 thousand 417. Water tax due. The concerned department has decided to stop the water supply of those villages on which Rs. Dues of water tax more than Rs. The same warning has been given to those gram panchayats as well.

Bangaon Water Supply Scheme was started in the year 2008. Meanwhile, ever since the launch of this scheme, the scheme gets shut down due to interruption in power supply, sometimes leakage in the pipeline and sometimes non-payment of maintenance and repair work to the company. Along with the department, some responsible officers and public representatives are constantly trying to continue this scheme. But the tap connection holders who use pure water seem indifferent to deposit the water bill on time. Along with this, the recovery plan of the Gram Panchayat administration is also looking weak.

That’s why the concerned department is not able to recover the water tax on time. As a result, many difficulties have to be faced in implementing the scheme. Due to this situation, a strict policy is now being adopted by the concerned department and now the decision has been taken by the concerned department to stop the water supply of the Gram Panchayat, which has arrears of water tax of more than 1 lakh. On the other hand, Sandeep Pawar, Assistant Engineer, Rural Water Supply Sub-Department, Deori, has instructed the concerned Gram Panchayats to pay water tax immediately, otherwise he has also warned to stop the water supply.

Water tax is due on these gram panchayats

93 lakh 70 thousand 23 on 25 villages of Amgaon tehsil under Bangaon Regional Rural Water Supply Scheme. Tax is due. Among these, Rs 4 lakh 43 thousand 440 on Borkanhar Gram Panchayat, Rs 5 lakh 58 thousand 52 on Bamhani, Rs 6 lakh 78 thousand 8 on Seoni, Rs 5 lakh 84 thousand 370 on Chirchadbandh, Rs 3 lakh 93 thousand 119 on Khursipar. Rs., Jawari Rs.4 Lakh 6 Thousand 596, Manegaon Rs.2 Lakh 60 Thousand 720, Thana Rs.95 Thousand 40, Bothli Rs.4 Lakh 8 Thousand 72, Suplipar Rs.4 Lakh 87 Thousand 280, Kalimati Rs.6 Lakh 32 Thousand 310 Rs., Kikiripar Rs 6 lakh 46 thousand 236. Katurli Rs 8 lakh 69 thousand 212, Mohgaon Rs 3 lakh 9 thousand 464, Banjaritola Rs 3 lakh 79 thousand 940, Nansari Rs 2 lakh 20 thousand 276, Sarkartola Rs 3 lakh 19 thousand 560, Ghattemani Rs 1 lakh 44 thousand 350 Rs., Pangaon 3 lakh 28 thousand 202 Rs. , Fukkimetta Rs.3 Lakh 85 Thousand 532, Dhamangaon Rs.2 Lakh 3 Thousand 442, Mundipar Rs.1 Lakh 9 Thousand 950, Bhosa Rs.2 Lakh 57 Thousand 132, Pauldauna Rs.1 Lakh 6 Thousand 656, Nangpura Rs.1 Lakh 21 Thousand 64 Rs. is due. 17 lakh 63 thousand 732 on 4 villages of Salekasa tehsil. is due. It has been told by the concerned department that Rs 9 lakh 41 thousand 16 on Sakhritola Gram Panchayat, Rs 3 lakh 43 thousand 552 on Karutola, Rs 1 lakh 66 thousand 554 on Satgaon. And 3 lakh 12 thousand 610 rupees on Heti Gram Panchayat. is due.

8.60 lakh outstanding on Amgaon Municipal Council

A total of 8 villages are included in Amgaon Municipal Council area and 7 of them are getting the benefit of this water supply scheme. Overall, 8 lakh 60 thousand 662 rupees are owed to the Zilla Parishad Water Supply Department on the Amgaon Municipal Council.

Cooperate by paying the dues promptly

The sarpanch and gram sevaks of the gram panchayats coming under the Bangaon Regional Rural Water Supply Scheme should deposit the arrears of water tax as soon as possible and submit it to the concerned department. Otherwise the water supply of their Gram Panchayat area will be stopped and the concerned Gram Panchayat will be responsible for it.

Anil Patil (Zip CEO Gondia)