Beating the police at the instigation of the opposition, Mamta’s stern warning IG News

North Bengal News Digital Desk: Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee slammed the opposition for beating the police. He said that the CPM-BJP-Congress is inciting to beat the police. In the last few days, ordinary people beat the police in Kaliaganj, Shyamnagar, Salar, Egra. The police had to surrender practically helplessly in the face of the angry mob. When this question was raised in a press conference in Nabanna on this day, Mamata said, ‘Remember that the police are the protectors. I think strict action should be taken against those who beat the police.’ According to him, when an incident happens, it is appropriate for people to be angry. There is no injustice in this. But the police can’t be beaten because of that.

Naturally, the opposition reacted with the Chief Minister’s comments. BJP leader Shamik Bhattacharya said that the subtle differences between the party and the administration have been resolved. The job of the police is to guard the encroachment of Trinamool. Police Station IC, Osirai is now Trinamool block president. As a result, spontaneous public anger is erupting. CPM leader Sujan Chakraborty said that the chief minister’s party is doing illegal work with the state police. So people are protesting. However, the Chief Minister clarified that the people of the area killed and tore the clothes of the police in Egra on Tuesday. These will not be tolerated.