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Beet Root (Beat Rout) It is a beet. Radish, sweet potato, beetroot etc. but beetroot is the healthiest and fastest growing crop. Beetroot is very good for health. It should be said that eating this won’t cause you to get high blood pressure and go to the doctor. Also this beetroot is eaten as curries, pickles and salad. Moreover, beetroot leaves are also very healthy and they are also used as a salad. Beetroot is very healthy. Beet root is not only eaten, but it can also be cultivated.

Good soil should be selected before planting beet root crop. Also ensure that the soil is not plowed well and the soil is slightly loose. This crop is a winter crop and if this crop is grown in phases, there will be a corresponding demand for it. To grow the crop in such a way, it should be planted 15 to 20 days apart. 3 to 4 kg of seeds should be spread per acre. At the time of planting, it is enough to keep a little distance between the seeds.

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As soon as the seeds are sown, they should be given some water. Apart from the pests on the crop, the pests also attack the plant. If there are holes in the soil after planting, it should be considered that the beet is infected with rot.

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At present, some farmers are cultivating beet root in many villages of NTR district. A farmer named Basavayya is cultivating beet root in Vijayawada rural Kothuru Tadepalli. An acre of beet root cultivation costs up to Rs. 15,000 including seeds, labour, fertilizers and harvesting. The yield is up to 10-12 tonnes per acre. According to the current market rate, the farmer will make a profit of around Rs.80 thousand.

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