Being a good speaker requires language skills IG News

Chitradurga.J.31: To be a good speaker, you need to have wealth of words, said Sujata, spokesperson of Teachers’ Government College of Education. He spoke while inaugurating the district level handwriting competition (6th to 8th class) and essay competition (9th to 10th class) program organized by Aluru Venkatarao Language Skills Training Center CTE at Diet on Tuesday. He said that by developing the habit of reading regularly, one can become a good speaker. It is possible to get high skill from small skill. Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing skills will be emphasized among the children at Aluru Venkatarao Bhasha Kashala Training Center in CTE. Aluru Venkatarao is an inspiration to all of us, he said, a poet who emphasized on language development. Senior Lecturer Venkateshappa said that language plays an important role in making a person a cultured citizen. In the Nali-Kali system, more emphasis is placed on language. He said that language can be learned not only in the classroom but also in all occasions. Nodal Officer Syed Mosin, Senior Lecturer Ee. Halamurthy, lecturers V. Kanakamma, S. Basavaraju, Siddesh, judges Vijayakumar, Rangamma, Usha, N. Manjunathachari and contestants were there.