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When the weekend comes, many employees like to spend time with their families. Away from the hectic life in the city, they go to tourist destinations on weekends to spend a couple of days of fun and tranquility. Laknavaram lake which is very close to the cities of Hyderabad (Hyderabad) and Warangal (Warangal) becomes crowded with weekend tourists. There are many tourist places (Tourist Places) in Telangana state where natural forests attract tourists. Most of them are in the agency area of ​​Mulugu district. Among them, we should talk about Lake Lucknow. When the weekend and holidays come, many tourists flock to Lucknow. The natural beauty of Lucknow is mesmerizing. Once upon a time, the lake was used only to irrigate agricultural fields. But the presence of the lake in the middle of the hills can attract many tourists if it is developed as a tourism sector, the Telangana Tourism Department is working hard for the development here. As a part of that, wooden cottages, glass cottages, restaurant, speed boat, cycling boat are being arranged in Lucknow.

Special rooms have also been arranged for tourists coming from distant places. Many tourists come here on weekends and make a lot of noise. But all those who come spend time in Lucknow from 11 am to 4 pm and leave. Due to this, tourists are not able to enjoy Lucknow to its fullest extent.
The sun sets on the lap of the lake:
Pond, hanging bridge, green trees around are not the only things in Lucknow… Even sunset scenes are amazing. In the evening, the sun, tired all day, is leaning to rest on the lap of Lake Lucknow. Nature lovers will be captivated by the sight of the sun appearing like a red fruit when the golden color is reflected in the blue haze. A special time must be allocated to see this wonderful sight. Tourists coming from distant places can book special rooms and see these beauties from the balcony of that room. When it is raining, the swinging bridge of Lucknow steals the mind of the tourists. The staff of the tourism department says when the Lucknow Tourism Department will be available for tourists. The Lucknowvaram unit manager Kiran says that the tourists coming to Lucknow are booking rooms online in advance and there are plans to further develop the Lucknow area in the coming days. Contact number Kiran, Lucknavaram Unit Manager for tour details: 9553639637.

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