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Sushma Neharkar

Pune : The number of people eating fish has increased over the years as it is considered more nutritious and cleaner, but even fresh, eye-catching fish is becoming dangerous. Shocking information has come to light that a dangerous drug called ‘Lambed Cyhalothrin’ (Karate) is being used in large quantities for fishing. In Pune district, it is seen being widely used for fishing in dams, and many Gram Panchayats have banned this drug.

According to the order of the government, a few months ago, a survey was conducted on behalf of the agriculture department regarding the increase in the use of ‘Lambed cyhalothrin’ drug for onion crop or how. But it was observed that this drug is being used more for fishing than for onion crops. This drug from various companies is now easily available in the market, a bottle of 250 ml is available for Rs 185. Fishermen add 2-3 spoonfuls of Karate medicine to the cooked rice to catch more fish in a short period of time.

This causes the fish to lose sight and float on the water in no time. It has come to light that this dangerous drug is being widely used for fishing, as one can get three-four fishes for 185 rupees and in abundance. The conscious villagers and public representatives of Khed taluka near Chasakman Dam came to the notice of this serious issue that some dangerous drugs are being used for fishing, and it was noticed that not only fish are dying in large numbers due to the use of this drug, but animals and people are also suffering from drinking this water. But shocking information is now coming to light that this karate drug is being used for fishing not only in Pune district but everywhere

In the past few months, dead fish were occasionally seen floating on the water’s edge in the Chaskaman Dam within the limits of our villages. Also due to the water supply scheme from the dam, the rate of fish deaths increased and people noticed that vomiting, diarrhea started. On further inquiry in this regard, empty bottles of these karate medicines were found lying near the dam. This is why some gram panchayats have come together and banned this karate medicine. A complaint was also filed with the police in this regard. But there are big fishing rackets using this drug, and the Gram Panchayats fail to take action.

– Raghunath Wolf, Sarpanch, Wada

Lambda cyhalothrin, a drug called Karate, is currently used as an insecticide on various crops. But this is a very dangerous drug for the human body, and farmers are given this idea while giving this drug. If this drug is used for fishing and gets into the human body through the fish, it can definitely have a fatal effect.
– Ashok Shivle, Fertilizers and Medicines


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