Bharat means Idera..Muslims are the wedding adults for the marriage of a Kashmiri Pandit who lost his father IG News

Muslims host Kashmiri Pandit Bride wedding: Efforts to bring spring back into the Kashmir Valley, which is plagued by constant terrorist attacks and gunfire, are yielding good results. A recent marriage marked the beginning of the spread of brotherhood between Kashmiri pandits and Muslims in the Valley.

Three decades ago, riots broke out in the Kashmir Valley and many Kashmiri Pandits were brutally murdered. With this, all the Kashmiri Pandits living in the Valley at that time packed up overnight and migrated from the Valley to other cities in the country, including Jammu, as orphans. Kashmiri Pandits faced many difficulties in migrating to their homeland and getting basic facilities. Some Kashmiri Pandits are still living a miserable life in the valley due to the conditions. However, Advani said that some Kashmiri families could not leave their hometowns to stay in the Valley. Yet many Pandit families are still living in different parts of Kashmir without fear of their threats and attacks. Pandits and Muslims live side by side and promote religious harmony.

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However, Mohanlal Pandit, a resident of Ganderbal, 18 km from Srinagar, died a short while ago. The daughter was recently married to Mohanlal. Meena Kumari’s wedding was attended by all the local Muslims. The bride became an adult and spread religious harmony. All the work that needs to be done at the wedding in the traditional manner is taken care of closely. Meena’s daughter, who has no father, has never been an orphan, a local Muslim said.


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A local Kashmiri Pandit told the media that … Ganderbal still maintains religious harmony and unity. Here, it is said that Hindus-Muslims live together and share joys and sorrows. He said that whenever weddings or other ceremonies are held in Kashmir, local Muslims-Pandits dine at the same table and participate in the ceremonies together.

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