Bhind News: Liquor smuggling under the guise of medicines, 604 cases worth Rs 1.05 crore seized IG News

Bhind News: Lahar police station has seized 605 cases of branded liquor. Liquor was being smuggled in the guise of medicines. At present the police is busy interrogating the truck driver.

Publish Date: Fri, 08 Sep 2023 10:26 AM (IST)

Updated Date: Fri, 08 Sep 2023 10:26 AM (IST)

Bhind News: Liquor smuggling in the guise of medicines, 604 boxes worth Rs 1.05 crore seized
truck driver arrested


  1. Lahar police caught 604 boxes of branded liquor
  2. Price quoted is Rs 1.05 crore
  3. Liquor was going from Rajasthan to Bihar

Bhind News Bhind. Lahar police station has seized a truck full of English liquor. 50 cartoons of English medicine were kept in the front of the truck. Whereas after this, a liquor box of Branded Company was kept. 605 boxes were found from the truck. Police have arrested a driver. The value of the seized liquor in the market is Rs 1 crore 5 lakh. The driver was presented in the court and took PR of eight days.

SP Manish Khatri said that on the instructions of Chambal IG Sushant Saxena, a special campaign is being run in the district to catch illegal liquor, drugs and illegal weapons in preparation for the assembly elections. SP said that Lahar police station TI Varun Tiwari received information on the evening of September 5 that a truck carrying illegal liquor was going to pass in a day or two. TI got checking done at various places to catch the truck.

At 6 pm on Wednesday, September 6, it was revealed that a truck carrying illegal liquor was about to pass through Shahpura turn. TI Tiwari, Havildar Manoj, constables Shailendra, Akshay, Shyam Maravi and Deepak Yadav reached Shahpura turn.

Truck caught after chasing 80 km

According to the SP, the truck number GJ 06 BW 7466 was seen coming at around eight o’clock in the night. When the police indicated to stop the truck, the driver increased the speed and took the truck away. After this the driver started driving the truck here and there. After chasing for about 80 km, the police laid siege and caught the truck. Driver Bhuraram Jat was found in the truck. The driver told the royalty of fertilizers and seeds and said that he is carrying medicine in it. After this the police brought the truck to the police station.

Medicines were found in the front, boxes of English liquor were found in the back.

According to TI Tiwari, when the truck was brought to the police station and checked, boxes of English medicine were found in the front two lines. But as soon as the box of the third row was opened, a bottle of branded English liquor was found in it. After this, after removing each box from the truck and checking it, branded liquor was found in 605 boxes. According to TI, the value of the seized liquor is Rs 1 crore five lakh. Whereas the price of the truck is Rs 20 lakh.

Drivers used to change 300 km apart

The caught truck driver told that he was bringing the truck from Barmer. After Bhind, another driver would come to the truck and he would return. According to police officials, the consignment of illegal liquor was probably going to Bihar. Therefore the driver does not know where the truck full of liquor was to be sent.

According to the TI, after presenting him in the court, police remand of eight days has been sought to ascertain from where the liquor was loaded and where it is going. This can be known.