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Bhojpur Prakash went alone to Haldwani to improve his family’s life and now he is back wrapped in a coperna – News18 हिंदी IG News


Gaurav Singh/Bhojpur. A youth resident of Arrah in Bihar also died in the violence in Uttarakhand’s Haldwani. He went there to look for a job to run the household, but the family received information about his death before he got the job. The deceased was Prakash Kumar, 24-year-old son of Shyamdev Singh of Chhine village in Sinha OP of Arrah. Who went to Nainital in search of employment. Where a young man died after being shot in the violence. After that, mourning spread in the house.

The deceased’s sister Nargis said Prakash was the only sibling who looked after his grandparents along with five sisters and two brothers. All responsibility for the house was on his shoulders. After five years of looking for a job in Bihar, someone told me to get a job in Nainital. Hearing this, he left for Nainital on 6th February. After going to Nainital, she kept talking to her younger brother and other sisters on the phone. He last spoke to his younger brother Akash alias Abhiraj around 8 pm on February 8. After that the call stopped. Then yesterday i.e. on February 10 afternoon, the Haldwani police called the family and informed them that their son had met with an accident. After that he was admitted to the hospital. They come quickly. After that, Prakash’s sisters went to Nainital from Delhi and saw him lying dead at Sushila Tiwari Medical College, Nainital Hospital. There are several bullet marks on the back of his head.

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I promised my sisters that
The deceased has five sisters. The mother of the deceased said that we could not have a son after my marriage. Because of this, we prayed to many gods and goddesses. Then, after five daughters, a son was born. His behavior was so good that he was respected by the whole village, including his family. As Prakash grew up, he took the responsibility of the entire house on his shoulders. He prepared for work immediately after graduation. He used to run the house with small chores. He had a special love for his five sisters. When I was about to look for a job, I promised my sisters that I would buy them all expensive gifts. But fate had other plans. The information about his death was received before the employment information was received.

Father demanded this from the government
After the murder, Prakash’s father Shyamdev Singh tearfully said that Chirag was the only earning member of his family. My son spent many years preparing for a job here, but he didn’t get it. Due to which he was forced to go to Nainital. Where he was violently murdered. We request Bihar, Uttarakhand and Central Government to conduct an inquiry into my son’s death. In order to survive, we should have support at work so that we can keep the family alive.

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