Biden: India-US Partnership Rooted In Mahatma Gandhi’s Principle Of Trusteeship: Biden IG News

India-US partnership rooted in Mahatma Gandhi's principle of trusteeship: Biden

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US President Joe Biden on Sunday praised the partnership between India and the US, saying it is based on Mahatma Gandhi’s principle of trusteeship which is shared between the two countries. President Biden and other G-20 leaders paid tribute to Mahatma Gandhi at Rajghat, his memorial, in New Delhi on Sunday. Biden, who arrived in Hanoi, Vietnam on an official visit after attending the G20 Summit, also posted a photo of himself and G-20 leaders paying tribute to Mahatma Gandhi at his memorial. Prime Minister Narendra Modi welcomed Biden and the G-20 leaders at the memorial with a gala with a backdrop of a picture of Gandhi’s Sabarmati Ashram in Gujarat, which was his home from 1917 to 1930 and one of the main centers of India’s freedom struggle .

US President reaches Vietnam after leaving New Delhi

US President Joe Biden arrived in Vietnam on Sunday, seeking to counter Chinese challenges and competition in Asia. While America is busy making new friends like Vietnam to reduce China’s influence, Hanoi is also looking for new options for friendship by reducing dependence on Beijing. After leaving India, US President Biden reached Vietnam. He described it as a matter of pride for Vietnam to get the status of comprehensive strategic partner. Apart from America, Vietnam has given this status only to China and Russia.

Biden thanked PM Modi for his hospitality

In Vietnam, US President Joe Biden said, “…in the G-20 we made progress on issues like multilateral development, bank reform to reach out to countries that are neither poor nor rich.” We have forged an unprecedented new partnership that will connect India with the Middle East and Israel through energy supply by rail and shipments from Europe and transportation through digital connections, which is going to open up untold opportunities for transformative economic investment along that entire corridor. We also discussed Russia’s brutal and illegal war in Ukraine. I would like to once again thank Prime Minister Modi for his leadership and his hospitality in hosting the G-20.”

We are going to build a new railway from India to the Mediterranean Sea: Biden

US President Joe Biden said, “…one of the things we did in India, is going to give us a new path forward, it’s going to save everybody money, it’s going to increase the ability of the global South to grow We are going to build a new railway from India to the Mediterranean Sea. Shipping lanes and pipelines would be built across the Mediterranean Sea through Europe to Great Britain and beyond. This is all for economic development. This has nothing to do with hurting China or helping China. “It ranges from addressing climate change to making sure these countries can succeed and grow economically.”

Not to stop India US or Vietnam US relations with China

US President Joe Biden said, “… one of the things that is going on now is that China is starting to change some of the rules of the game in terms of trade and other issues… I want to stop China. Do not want. I just want to make sure that our relations with China are positive and positive. And one of the ways to do that is to make sure we talk about the same things. I think one of the things we have done is we have an opportunity to strengthen alliances around the world to maintain stability. This is the journey which includes India cooperating more with America, becoming closer with America, Vietnam becoming closer with America. This is not about stopping China. “This is about creating a stable base in the Indo-Pacific.”

America wants China to follow international rules: Biden

US President Joe Biden said, “…when I was with President Xi, he asked why we are in the Quad (Australia, India, Japan, United States). I said it is to maintain stability. This is not to isolate China. This is to ensure that international rules are followed on roads, airspace, sea and space. I think China’s President Xi has some difficulties right now. China has difficulties, they have some economic difficulties, they are doing things in their own way.” The US President said. I want to see China succeed economically, but I want to see it succeed according to the rules. ”

Biden was ceremoniously welcomed outside Rashtrapati Bhavan in Hanoi

US President Biden was ceremoniously welcomed outside the Rashtrapati Bhavan in Hanoi. Small children standing in rows were welcoming Biden by waving flags of America and Vietnam, while the army welcomed him with a march past. Biden waved to the children and encouraged them before leaving in his special limousine car to meet General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trung at the Communist Party headquarters.