Biden ruled out sending F-16 fighter jets to Ukraine IG News

Ukraine war: Joe Biden rules out sending F-16 fighter jets

Washington: US President Joe Biden has made it clear that he is not sending F-16 fighter jets to Ukraine. It is known that Ukraine is asking America to provide air support. In this context, a reporter asked Biden a question. Asked if he was sending warplanes to Ukraine, Biden said no. It is known that Germany also made it clear two days ago that it will not send warplanes to Ukraine.

In the ongoing war with Russia, Ukraine has been asking for warplanes to capture the airfields since last few years. America’s F16 fighter jets are unique. They are considered as the most reliable fighter jets. Belgium and Pakistan have those planes. Zelensky urged America to need those planes to win the war. If those fighter jets come to Ukraine, then there is a chance for that country to dominate Russia. Russia has Soviet-era fighter jets. But it seems that America is not interested in handing over F16 planes to Ukraine. America will send only Abram tanks.