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Plan to install 3D scanner at airport, passengers will save time in security check
Pictures of goods will be clear in scanner with 3 dimensional image
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Kolkata : Work is underway on a plan to install 3D scanner at Kolkata Airport. Once installed, it will be easier for passengers to go through security checks. After this, the facilities available at foreign airports will also be available to the passengers here. Under this project, its installation has started in Delhi and Mumbai. If Delhi Headquarters sources are to be believed, a meeting on this will be organized after Durga Puja. On the other hand, in the first phase, 3D dimensional scanners are being installed at other airports in Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore and Hyderabad.
New modern scanner will reduce lines at security check
In the coming days, new modern scanners will be installed at the airport. This will further reduce the lines for security check at the airport. Apart from this, the screening system will be able to do the electronic devices without removing them from the bag. There are currently 2D scanners at Kolkata Airport. It has been 4 to 5 years since it was installed. This work is still going on, if any item appears sensitive then it is taken out and investigated by the security personnel. At present, passengers have to take out their laptops and mobiles separately and get them checked in the terminal.
System will catch explosives quickly
Technologies such as computer tomography create 3-D images with higher resolution and better automatic detection of explosives. Newer machines also have a lower number of false alarms. False alarms often lead to physical inspection of bags by CISF personnel. These modern machines are being installed at the airport at a time when a record number of air travelers are being seen at airports across the country. Domestic travelers were seen in lakhs last year.
Scanners will be installed at various airports in such countries
In the first phase, 3D Computed Tomography X-ray (CTX) machines will be installed for checking cabin bags by December 31, 2023. There is a plan to work on Kolkata Airport in Phase 2. After this, passengers will get a lot of convenience. An airport official said that all airports including Kolkata airport need to improve the machines installed for screening cabin bags. There is talk of installing a new system. Traditional X-ray machines currently used at airports produce 2-D images. In the new system, scanning of goods will be done instantly.