Big relief to the indebted farmers of the state by the Haryana government IG News

The Haryana government has announced a lump sum settlement scheme for the indebted farmers of the state or members of the District Agriculture and Land Development Bank. State Cooperative Minister Banwari Lal said here on Friday that 100 per cent discount on outstanding interest under the announced scheme will be given to borrower members.

He said that if the farmer who took the loan has died, then his heirs will be given this discount on depositing the principal amount by March 31, 2022.

He said that for this reason, the heirs of the deceased borrowers will be given 100 percent discount in the outstanding interest on depositing the entire principal amount in the loan account. Penalty, interest and other charges will also be waived.

He said, “The total number of dead borrowers of the bank is 17,863, whose total outstanding amount is Rs 445.29 crore. This includes principal amount of Rs.174.38 crore and interest of Rs.241.45 crore and penalty interest of Rs.29.46 crore.

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