Bihar: Chief Minister approves Minority Entrepreneur Scheme IG News

Bihar government has approved a new scheme in the name of providing self-employment to minorities. Under this, a loan of Rs 10 lakh will be available. Of this, only Rs 5 lakh will have to be returned. The remaining Rs 5 lakh will be given by the Bihar government as a grant. This simply means that out of the loan of Rs 10 lakh, the state government will waive off Rs 5 lakh.

This scheme has been named ‘Mukhyamantri Minority Entrepreneur Scheme’. The state government has described it as an extension of the Chief Minister Scheduled Caste/Scheduled Tribe/Most Backward Class/Women/Young Entrepreneur Scheme.

Although the Bihar government is calling this scheme an effort to provide self-employment to minorities. Although it is being described as an extension of the ongoing scheme for other sections of the society. But at the moment Bihar Cabinet has approved it, it is also being linked to appeasement politics.

It is also worth noting that the present government of Nitish Kumar is running on the trust of RJD which openly does politics of my (Muslim + Yadav) equation. After separating from BJP, Nitish Kumar is also trying his best to portray himself as the true leader of Muslims.

‘Government wants to reduce unemployment’

Regarding this scheme, Additional Chief Secretary (Cabinet Secretariat) of Bihar Government, S. Siddharth has said that this is to accelerate the pace of industrial development in the state and to reduce unemployment among men and women of minority community and to encourage them towards self-employment. The scheme has been started. Its name is Chief Minister Minority Entrepreneur Scheme i.e. MAUY. To avail the benefits of this scheme of Bihar Government, one will have to contact the Minority Welfare Department. Under this, loans will be provided at nominal rates.

It is noteworthy that Bihar government has made many schemes keeping Muslims in mind. In July this year, Nitish Kumar’s government had announced a lump sum assistance of Rs 25,000 to divorced Muslim women. Women between 18 to 50 years will get the benefit of the scheme.