BIHU : In this case, Assam’s self-respecting Bihu is a deep world record, Bajib or Lok Sabha elections? IG News

Rajya Charkare has planned a world record for Assam’s Swabiman Vihuq. Prime Minister Narendra Modi will attend this event For one thing, on these days, the BJP is fighting for the 2024 Lok Sabha elections.

Most of the time it is not the season, but most of it is the life line of the Mah/Assamese nation, the life of the people. Sudhakantha Dr. Bhupen attended most of them. The life expectancy of the Assamese nation is high every year. The Assamese took the stake in many ways and became a self-respecting nation.

Self-respecting Assamese are witnesses to this great honor. Bihut of the year this time Bihu Gharib world record. Guinness Book of World Records will be recorded as a unique and unique Bihu. This was announced by Chief Minister Dr. Himanta Biswa Sharma in Dibrugarh on Monday. The arrival of Prime Minister Narendra Modi on 14th April broke his own Bihu world record.

For this purpose, the committee has been formed by the Ministry of Education. The committee consists of Minister Bimal Baru, Minister Keshav Mahant, Dr Ranoj Pegu and Jayant Malla Baru.

“Of course, this is positive news. We have always thought about folk culture in our circle. This time we will get our Bihu world court. We will share the program of this record in 10-15 thousand Bihus in different places of Assam. 15th-230th Training camps will be conducted at different places. On April 14, Bihu will be displayed in Saruszaite in the presence of the Prime Minister, as well as representatives of the Guinness Book of Records will also be present. — Minister Bimal Barai, one of the members of the committee formed by Minister of Chariznia, told News18.

I will surely honor Assamese on this special day On April 14, the stadium will be decorated with countless drums, dances and dances. I will go to the world court in the presence of the Prime Minister. At the same time, the Assam BJP will get an opportunity to hold an election rally in this event. After announcing the state election results on March 2, he will definitely take the opportunity of this circular event on April 14 in the BJP. Leave aside politics, this event will be about Assam and Assamese people, self-respect.

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