Bike Theft: The rider fell off the bike due to the hump, the bike disappeared as soon as he got up! IG News

Bengaluru: Usually when we are on the road, if someone falls off the bike in front of our eyes, we immediately go to them and lift them up to see if they are injured anywhere. We give them some water to drink and treat them. Some others come and immediately work to lift the bike that has fallen down. But some thieves take full advantage of the recent accidents! Yes, thus the accident victims on the road have little awareness of what is going on in the shock of the accident. This is a good time, thieves have stolen valuable jewelry, purses, cash and mobile phones from the accident victims by asking them to help them in a moment.

Thieves stole the bike from the accident site.

A similar incident happened here too.. Recently, a bike rider fell to the ground after hitting a steep road bump near the Draupadamma temple in Kalasipalya, Bangalore. Looking up after a while, the scooter seems to have been stolen from the scene of the accident. On March 3, the Kalasipalya police registered an FIR regarding the scooter theft.

Bike rider who came for purchase

Arun, a 25-year-old vegetable seller, was on his way to Kalasipalya from Siddapur near Lalbagh around 1.30 am on January 30 to buy food for people who had come to sing bhajans. The bhajan was organized to pay tribute to his uncle who passed away recently.

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Bike accident due to hump

On a narrow road near Draupadamma temple, in the dark, Arun hits a hump and the impact throws him a few meters with his scooter and falls down unconscious. Arun said that he slept like that on the road for about an hour until his brother visited the spot.

Valuables were stolen along with the bike

“My brother came looking for me as I did not return home. When he came the same way, he found me lying unconscious on the side of the road,” said Arun. “When I woke up, my mobile phone, silver chain and Rs 5,500 in cash were stolen along with my scooter,” he said.

Complaint about missing bike

Later, Arun was admitted to a local hospital and treated for 10 days. A lot of effort has gone into finding it. “We are familiar with the place where the accident took place and we have inquired with everyone. But no one knows who took the vehicle. As the road was narrow, no one noticed the theft. I was hospitalized and had to spend Rs 35,000,” said Arun. Even after a month of searching, the vehicle was still missing, so he decided to come to the police station and file a complaint.