Birth, Death Registration Bill passed in Lok Sabha | Birth and Death Registration Bill passed in Lok Sabha IG News

NEW DELHI: The Bill to amend the Registration of Births and Deaths, which will allow the use of birth certificates as a document for all kinds of government jobs, from admission to government jobs to educational institutions to getting a driver’s license, was passed in the Lok Sabha yesterday.

Union Home Minister Nithyanand Roy tabled the Birth and Death Registration Amendment Bill in the Lok Sabha yesterday. Then he said:

The Registration of Births and Deaths Act has not been amended even once in the last 54 years since its enactment.

With the current changes in society and changing technological advancements, the public needs these amendments.

For this, revisions have been made in consultation with the public and state governments. According to this bill, birth certificate can be used as the sole document for place and date of birth for admission to schools, colleges, driving license, passport, and government jobs.

Thus he spoke.

According to this amendment, various departments of central and state governments can use these birth and death data for service programmes.

Government can use it for population registration, voter list, Aadhaar number, ration card etc.

Also, the bill simplifies the process of registration of birth certificates of adopted children, orphaned children, children placed in foster care.

Also, the amendment makes it mandatory for all hospitals to submit death certificates to the registrar.

The bill was passed in the Lok Sabha yesterday.

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