BJP-DMK: AIADMK breaks ties with NDA, will BJP benefit from this or will the path be difficult? – Bjp Aiadmk Breakup: Who Would Benefit From The Alienation And Who Would Lose IG News

BJP AIADMK Breakup: who would benefit from the alienation and who would lose



BJP’s old ally AIADMK in Tamil Nadu on Monday announced parting ways. Actually, AIADMK called an important meeting on Monday. This meeting was very important from the point of view of the upcoming Lok Sabha elections. There were reports of differences between the two parties for quite some time. These speculations were further strengthened when senior AIADMK leader D Jayakumar said that they have no alliance with the BJP.

Today the alliance between BJP and AIADMK officially ended. Amidst all these developments, we should know what happened in the AIADMK meeting? What was going on between the two parties regarding the alliance? What is the history of BJP-AIADMK alliance? Who will be harmed by the absence of alliance? Let us understand…