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Location : Rajanna Sirisilla

BJP leaders of Konaraopeta mandal of Rajanna Sirisilla district went on a one-day hunger strike. They demanded that the degree college be granted immediately. The then Deputy CM and Minister of Higher Education stated that they are doing this hunger strike to remind them that they have been forgotten. BJP Rajanna Sirisilla District President Pratapa Ramakrishna, former Joint Karimnagar District ZP Chairman Tula Uma, and former ZPTC Annapurna expressed solidarity with this hunger strike.

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Rajanna Sirisilla District

Former ZP Chairperson Tula Uma said that girls are deprived of higher education. He demanded to fulfill the promises given so far. It has been revealed that this is not a new wish and we want to fulfill the promises made by the ruling party in the past. He said that if the government does not respond in the coming days, large scale programs will be taken up under the leadership of BJP. He accused MLA Ramesh Babu of not caring about the constituency.

Former ZPTC Pallam Annapoorna questioned why Minister KTR was short-sighted about Vemulawada constituency. He said that Sirisilla constituency represented by Minister KTR has government schools with all kinds of facilities, but in Vemulawada constituency the plight of schools is worse. In the background of Minister KTR’s visit to Vemulalo in the past, they got angry recalling the words Vemulawada Sirisilla had said to me with two eyes. Even now the minister demanded to pay attention to the development of Vemulawada constituency.

He said that if the promises made in the own district represented by Minister KTR are not fulfilled, then it can be understood how bad the governance is. Rajanna Sirisilla BJP district president Pratap Ramakrishna said that the state government is weakening the education system. He said that even now, the government should keep its promise of providing a government degree college to the mandal center, otherwise we will go ahead with more action. He expressed concern that the education system has become worse after the formation of this state government.

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