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Chandigarh: Punjab News: BJP state general secretary Jeevan Gupta has sharply criticized the Bhagwant Mann government of Punjab for sending huge security amount to the people in electricity bills. He said that Chief Minister Bhagwant Mann and Finance Minister Harpal Cheema had been fooling the people of Punjab by announcing to provide 300 units of free electricity per month to the people of Punjab from July 1. Has been.

Jeevan Gupta said that Rs 20,000 to Rs 25,000 has been put in the name of security in the bills coming to the people. When people go to the power department to ask if the security deposit was made when the power department installed our meter, the power department staff tells them to bring a receipt if they have one. Show, otherwise this amount will have to be deposited.

Jeevan Gupta said that there was a huge outcry among the people over the issue. He said that when an application is submitted to the power department for the installation of electricity meters in the houses of the people, the security amount charged by the power department for the meters besides the other expenses is also deposited. After the consumer completes all the paperwork, the department installs electricity meter in the house of any consumer. Not only this, the power department also collects a fixed fare and other expenses from the consumer for his meter every month through the electricity bill, the full details of which are written in the bill.

Jeevan Gupta said that in Punjab the octroi tax has been abolished for the last several years while the bills being issued by the power department were also being taxed and this was clearly stated in the bill.

Jeevan Gupta said that with the announcement of giving 300 units to the people free of cost, the Punjab government has also found a new way to loot the people. Because the power department gives the consumer a receipt for the money deposited by the consumer at the time of new connection, there is no record of how much money was taken from whom. Therefore, no current or current consumer can submit a receipt for the security amount. Therefore, he would be compelled to deposit the security amount to be recovered by the power department.

Jeevan Gupta said that if the Punjab government did not stop this looting of power consumers then BJP would not shy away from being the voice of the people and taking the people along.

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