BJP Ticket Distribution Controversy and Congress Leader’s Complaint To Rahul Gandhi. Politics heated up due to a video, SP of one and a half police station, who abused the PM? IG News

Jaipur13 minutes agoAuthor: Govardhan Chaudhary

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Netaji, who coordinated between the nationalist organization and the party, reached Jaipur from Delhi and conducted a fresh exercise by holding a meeting in closed rooms. The coordinating Netaji told a lot of lies to many leaders, some such information has reached Delhi which was against the customs and policies. Now, with the head of the country and Chanakya of politics, it is not possible in the opposition party to even think of anyone doing anything on the tickets.

Many leaders in the party are heard discussing various things regarding this. The same story is repeated every time during elections. Even during the last elections, there were many allegations regarding the use of sexism in the tickets, this time also the echo of the same allegations has started being heard inside the house.

Recently, the social media accounts of opposition party MPs were investigated. An account was taken of what MPs posted on social media on the issues affecting the government and the report reached the head of the country. MPs were asked to link to a social media post about a popular case in the capital? Now, except a few, most of them had kept silence on that issue, if they had posted then they would have sent it, if nothing was done then why would they send it?

An MP from Mewar region was asked about a social media post about a girl being burnt alive after rape in his area, he too could not answer. Even the head of the country is said to be angry with the indifference of some MPs on the issues affecting the government and such MPs have been advised to be ready to work in the organization.

The pain of SP of one and a half police stations
After the formation of new districts in the state, many IAS and IPS officers got the opportunity to become Collector-SP. There is no need to tell what is the status of Collector-SP in the district. Collector-SP officers in small districts are unhappy. The SP of a small-sized district recently came to the capital to meet a senior IPS. As the discussion progressed in the meeting, the SP’s pain erupted. He even said – Sir, why am I the district SP of one and a half police stations? Many CIs have areas larger than this. The senior IPS kept listening to the pain of the SP for a long time, then boosted the morale and advised to wait till the new government is formed.

Political heat due to old video of image enhancing agency
The agency which enhances the image of the government is once again in the news. A lobby of leaders has been formed in the ruling party against the agency which enhances the image of the government. There are some advocates also. An old video of people associated with the agency is circulating in the political circles. In this video, representatives associated with the agency are making many comments raising questions on the most influential leader of the party. This old video has now become a weapon of the opponents. Some leaders of the party want to send out the image enhancing agency before the elections, efforts are being made internally to do the same.

Illustration: Sanjay Dimri

Anchor: Amit Sharma

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