BJP will target those 160 constituencies!- Dinamani IG News


The BJP has devised a new strategy to capture the 160 constituencies it lost in the 2019 general elections.

With Lok Sabha elections coming up next year, BJP leaders have started focusing on the election campaign. In it, a strategy has been devised to give more importance to the 160 constituencies where the BJP lost.

Accordingly, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has planned to campaign in all 160 constituencies. Prime Minister Modi will attend a total of 45 to 55 public meetings, one for each of the four constituencies.

It has also been reported that these meetings are planned to be held under the name of foundation stone ceremony and inauguration of welfare projects for projects of the central government or BJP-ruled state governments.

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Apart from this, 160 constituencies have been divided into two and Union Home Minister Amit Shah in 80 constituencies and BJP National President JP Natta in 80 constituencies will visit in person and participate in public meetings and rallies.

In the first phase of the election campaign, they set a target of converting the 160 constituencies that the BJP lost in the last election in their favour, and are going to act accordingly.

In the next step, leaders including Modi are planning to campaign in the remaining 383 constituencies across the country.

According to this information, Prime Minister Narendra Modi is expected to visit Tamil Nadu alone 10 times in the next one year.


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