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The behavior of Sherman Ali Ahmed, MLA of Baghbar Samsti, has created strong reactions. Shwermane gave instructions to his bodyguard Mandal Congress president Guliya regarding the Pabalgiya money trial. Bodyguards were abusing Guli Nufutova with obscene language at the legislators. This incident has created a strong reaction.

Regarding this incident, MP Pabitra Margherita said, “You have cursed the use of bodyguards in Shwerman Ali. Shwerman Ali is basically the adopted son of Congress and AIUDF. Talks about the culture and evils of Tekhetar are gaining momentum with the combined efforts of the Congress and the AIUDF. Congress and AUIDF are in a state of disrepute. A visual example of AIUDF and Congress is Shwerman Ali. Unequal guard is not used.”

It is noteworthy that Baghmarat MLA Shwerman Ali Ahmed inaugurated this panchayat house on Wednesday. At the time of Joa Legislative Assembly Election, Baghmarach Mandal Congress President Jinnah Rezzakul Alame offered to spend 2 lakh taka during the election.

For the past two years, the President of the Mandal Congress has been giving money to the President of the MLAs, and the MLAs have been harassed by Agnisharma by instructing his bodyguard to shoot the presiding officer of the Mandal Congress. But the bodyguards refused to follow the instructions of the legislators and abused them unspeakably. A local section was angry with the MLAs and protested against the MLAs.

Published by: Sanjay Kumar Das

FIRST PUBLISHED : May 18, 2023, 11:48 IST

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