borewell drilling, VIDEO: Water sprays from the ground, followed by motors and pipes; Such a miracle has not been seen – farmers dig new borewell in farm old borewell machine and pipes thrown in air due to water pressure in ahmednagar maharashtra IG News

Ahmednagar : The motor was stuck in a borewell dug about twenty-five-thirty years ago. Tried but failed to remove it. So the farmer decided to dig another borewell at some distance from it and started the work for it. When the new borewell was being worked, the air and water pressure threw out the motor in the adjacent borewell. This video of the incident which took place in Ralegan Mhasoba village of Nagar taluka has gone viral on social media.

Anil Kotkar has a farm in Ralegan Mhasoba village. His father had dug a borewell in the farm about 25 years ago. However, some time ago, it could not be used due to the motor failure. Tried bringing the system in for repair, but to no avail. So they decided to dig a new borewell. The new borewell took water only at 180 feet.

However, when the work was in its final stages, the motor from the old borewell was thrown out along with the pipe due to the water and air pressure in the new borewell. The scene of the motor being thrown high into the sky was captured on camera. Kotkar’s cousin Ganesh Kotkar was making a video of digging a new borewell. People screamed as they saw the motor being thrown from that old borewell. That scene has also been captured in Kotkar’s mobile camera. The video of this incident which happened due to air and water pressure is currently going viral on social media.