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Boston, MA Sunny, dry Thu., chance of snow next week – NECN IG News


We are entering the heating phase of this developing pattern. Highs are not high yet. We’re complicating it with an onshore breeze on Thursday, so even though we’ll see plenty of sun, we’ll still be “making do” with low 40s.

The mid-40s are in play, but away from the coast.

That massive rain and storm that hit California a few days ago is on our doorstep on Friday – in a much weaker form. We’ll see a few light showers Saturday night, but the main mild air ahead of the storm.

It’s a day when temperatures soar, with highs reaching nearly 60 degrees in some places, enough to set records for the region.

The records for high temperatures in Boston and Worcester were only set last year. How ironic that both winters had minimal snow and (maybe) set records on the same day (yes, the weather is weird).

We’ll start cooling off on Sunday as we slide back into the upper 40s to low 50s.

Then there’s the storm next week. Right now it looks like late Monday through Tuesday. If we follow the dramatic arc of past storms, they start out looking like heavy snow everywhere for almost a week, then gradually keep the heaviest amounts deep inland from the coast.

So late in the season, let’s cut to the chase. Without much advance cold, it appears the heaviest amounts may indeed fall from the Worcester Hills through the Merrimack Valley and into southern New Hampshire, well away from the mix and rain near the coast.

Sounds simple, right? Granted, it might not. A storm of this size may require many adjustments in the coming days.

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