Boxer Vijender Singh in favor of Sidhu Musewala’s SYL song, posted on Facebook

Chandigarh: Controversy is brewing over the new song of late Punjab singer Sidhu Musewala and Haryana boxer and Congress leader Vijender Singh is advocating for the song. It is written on Vijender Singh’s Facebook that Musewala has not said anything wrong.

Boxer Vijender Singh has posted on Facebook ….

People are confused about the line of Sidhu Musewala’s SYL song “Una Chir Pani Chhodo, Tupka Nahin Dinde”.
To Haryana? So to understand the meaning of this line-
Give us our background and our planting
Give Chandigarh, Himachal and Haryana
Understand carefully that in the beginning the family is talking about unification, that is, unite our family (state) and we will solve our own problem.
There is another line of this song-
Why wear a turban with a turban?
That too needs to be understood. Don’t just associate turban with Sikhi, turban is also considered very important in Haryana / Rajasthan. And this leader with the hat, who makes us fight among ourselves ..

Note: In this song, only those people are jealous of the people who see terrorism in the farmers of Punjab, Haryana, Rajasthan, UP.

It may be mentioned that the first song sung by Sidhu Musewala was released on Thursday after his death last evening. This is the first Gita in which Sidhu Musewala has demanded autonomy for Punjab. Not only that, you will be surprised to know that the song not only demanded Chandigarh for Punjab, but also Himachal and Haryana which were separated from Punjab.

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The lyrics of the song are clear that as long as Punjab does not get sovereignty, leave the water of Sutlej Yamuna Link (SYL) canal, do not give a single drop of water. The songs refer to Punjab’s right to river waters.

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