Boy died after coconut piece stuck in throat at Warangal IG News

There was a great tragedy in Warangal. An infant lost his life due to a piece of coconut stuck in his throat. If we go into the details… In Venkatthanda, a suburb of Korpolu village in Nekkonda mandal of Warangal district, Dharawat Malu and Kavita have a one-year-old son named Manikantha. Dharavat Malu, the father wearing Ayyappamala, went to the temple for puja. While Babu Tallikavita was doing housework, Manikantha ate a piece of coconut.

But Kavitha Babu, who was busy with work, did not care about eating the coconut. As a result, it got stuck in the child’s throat and she could not breathe. The child died on the way to the hospital. The parents cried out in tears as they lost their child before their eyes.

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