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Who are the key people behind the campaigns against an indigenous voice in Parliament, and what are their arguments?

Jacinta Nampijimpa Price and Lydia Thorpe
Senators Jacinta Nampijimpa Price and Lydia Thorpe (Images: AAP)

According to a poll conducted for Nine Papers and reported yesterday, support for Parliament from Indigenous Voices has fallen from 58% to 53% over the past month. It is a boost for the two major No campaigns, which consolidated a week ago, although some of the shine may have been taken off by the revelation that they identified Milwarpara man Stewart Lingiari as the grandson of land rights activist Vincent Lingiari in their adverts. I was told wrong.

Following on from our survey of groups advocating a Yes vote, here is a list of some of the leading figures opposed to an Indigenous voice in Parliament.

Australians for Unity

Until the merger to form Australians for Unity on 11 May, the two main groups opposing one voice (at least on the conservative side, more on that later) recognized a better way. nyanggai Warren Mundineand Fair Australia, most prominently associated with the opposition Indigenous Australian spokesperson Jacinta Nampijimpa Price,

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