Brakes of a speeding truck on the Mumbai-Pune Expressway failed, a major accident was avoided by the driver’s understanding. IG News

After the brake failure on the Mumbai-Pune expressway, the driver of the uncontrolled truck avoided a major accident by stopping it with his intelligence. In fact, a high-speed truck full of cement coming from Pune to Mumbai suddenly went out of control due to brake failure.

After the brake failure, the truck ran uncontrollably on the expressway for a long time. The driver controlled this uncontrolled truck very wisely and prevented any major incident from happening.

According to the report, as soon as the driver realized that the brakes of the vehicle were not working, he allowed the speed of the truck to slow down without any fear so that there was no danger to the vehicles coming from behind.

Also, after reducing the speed to a certain limit the driver used the vehicle’s handbrake to prevent a major incident from occurring. The entire incident was captured by the ambulance driver in his mobile camera, which is now going viral on social media.

Accidents often occur on the Mumbai-Pune Expressway due to speeding vehicles. In a similar incident last month, five people were killed and four seriously injured in a car-truck collision. In this incident, a car went out of control and collided with a truck.

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