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Churu: Six days after the wedding in Ratangarh taluka of the district, the bride ran away after stealing jewelery and cash. When the husband came to know about the incident in the morning, he lost his senses. He saw that the gold and silver ornaments and cash kept in the room were missing. In fear, the family also searched for the girl for several days but could not find her. Eventually the victim’s husband informed the police and filed a case of cheating against the two brokers along with the robber bride.

According to SI Mankalal, who is investigating the case, Navratan Sankhla, a resident of Ratangarh, said that on August 7, he had come to meet his relatives in Churu. There he met Kalu, a resident of Ghantal. Kalu talked about taking two lakh rupees as a fee to get her married. On the afternoon of August 15, Kalu came to Navratan’s house with a car. He said that he knows a poor family who wants to get their daughter married. The family is poor, so you have to bear the wedding expenses. Navaratan gave him two lakh rupees. On the night of August 17, Kalu came to his house with his partner Mukesh in a car. Navratan’s maternal uncle Jodharaj, Fanfa Mohanlal, Lalchand, nephew Mohit and Navratan took him to Aligarh in the night.

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On the morning of August 18, he took all the people to a house. Kalu introduced the girl and said her name was Priyanka Chauhan (age 28). When the girl was asked for her consent for the marriage, she agreed and said that she liked the boy. Then all went to the court and got married. After which he brought Priyanka Chauhan to his house on August 19 at around 4 am.

The victim’s husband also showed the police a video of the bride in which she is seen dancing. “We had no doubt that he would run away,” the victim said. Navarathan said, six days later on the night of August 24, we slept on the ground. Between three and four in the night, Priyanka ran away with her accomplice with the gold and silver jewelery kept in the room and Rs 50,000.

The victim Navrathan said, “After Priyanka Chauhan ran away, when she approached the brokers, they said that our job is to get married.” We have no guarantee that the girl will last or not.

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