Bright sunshine in Ashonagar since morning | As the afternoon approached, the clouds changed, with some drizzle at some places. IG News

Ashoknagar29 minutes ago

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The weather is changing frequently in the district. There was bright sunshine since Monday morning and by afternoon the weather changed and dense clouds appeared. During this period there has been light drizzle at some places. However, there has been no heavy rain anywhere. The Meteorological Department estimates that the rains are likely to stop for a few days. There may be drizzle at some places for two days.

The rains have stopped since last four days and since then the mercury is continuously rising day and night. The day temperature has been recorded at 34 degrees Celsius while the night temperature has reached close to 24 degrees Celsius. In 4 days, the day temperature has increased by 3 degrees Celsius while the night temperature has increased by 2 degrees Celsius. It will be humid and hot because it will be cloudy.

At present the wind is blowing from the north-west at a speed of 15 to 16 kilometers per hour.