Bypoll Election Result 2022: Good news for Samajwadi Party from Gujarat with Mainpuri! IG News

Ahmedabad (Dec. 08): SP candidate Dimple Yadav won by a landslide in the by-election to Mainpuri Lok Sabha constituency. Meanwhile, the Samajwadi Party also received good news from Gujarat. Here SP managed to win one seat. SP candidate Kandhal Jadeja defeated the BJP candidate from Kutiana constituency in Gujarat. Kandhal Jadeja is the son of Lady Don Santok Ben Jadeja. He is considered to be the dominant leader of Bich.

He had previously won the 2012 and 2017 assembly elections on an NCP ticket. But this time NCP and Congress have faced the election together. In such a situation, ticket was not given to Kandhal Jadeja from Kutiana constituency. After this, Kandhal Jadeja joined the SP.

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Competition in Kutiana field

Kutiana assembly constituency falls in Porbandar district of Gujarat. Santokben Jadeja has dominated this seat every time. He himself was an MLA from this constituency and his son Kandhal Jadeja was also an MLA in 2012, 2017. He has won for the third time from this constituency.

It has been said that Kandhal Jadeja will win in Kutiana no matter which party he contests. This gives a clear idea of ​​their influence. Surprisingly, since 2017, Kandhal Jadeja has always voted against the party, be it the Rajya Sabha election or the Presidential election.

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During the Rajya Sabha elections in 2017, he openly opposed Congress leader Ahmed Patel (now deceased) and voted for the BJP candidate. After this they are canvassing for BJP candidate in every Rajya Sabha election. In the recently held presidential election as well, he had voted for NDA’s presidential candidate Draupadi Murmu as a non-partisan. This time there was a discussion that the BJP may join the assembly elections. But he belonged to SP.


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