Calgary woman’s motorized wheelchair on Flair Airlines flight – severely damaged in Calgary IG News

Irshadgul News report,

It was the first time that the Marie St. Onge flew with ultra-low-cost carrier flair. He saved some money on a cheap one-way ticket from Toronto to Calgary. But she said the savings weren’t worth it as the trip cost her dearly.

St. Onge said, “I am shocked how irresponsible, how insensitive and how incompetent passengers are disregarded.”

She lives with a neuro-muscular tremor that affects her entire body and uses a motorized wheelchair to get around. but since then on 1 October Flying, his chair has never been the same.

The damaged footrest on his wheelchair.

Jill Croteau / Global News

“When this chair got on that plane it was in brand new condition and now it’s ruined,” St. Onge said.

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“I really feel a huge sense of injustice because I feel like I trusted them with a piece of equipment that is so important to me.”

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It went into the cargo area during their flight and they believe it was tossed around and not secure.

The armrest of his chair is cracked and locked in another place and won’t move.

Torn armrest on his chair.

Jill Croteau / Global News

The rear support has been deformed and several pieces have broken off. One of the foot pedals is bent upwards and she cannot use it and neither foot is held in place.

“It is dangerous,” said St. Onge.

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Damage is estimated at approximately $1,500. He said he filled out a claim and attached an estimate.

“Flair offered me $250 and told me they were not obligated to give me that because the wheelchair is a ‘courtesy item’. I wrote back to them and said it was not a courtesy, it was a necessity and I never heard back from them. Haven’t heard,” said St. Onge.

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After Global News contacted Flair, the team investigated the file. Spokesman Mike Arnott apologized on behalf of the company.

“Flair Airlines wants every passenger to have a smooth and positive travel experience and we appreciate the inconvenience a damaged wheelchair can cause – and any delay in repairing it,” said Arnott.

“We are sorry that it was damaged in the first place. In such cases, the airline replaces or repairs the mobility aid and here Flair Airlines will repair it by paying the estimated repair cost.

St. Onge is relieved but states that they have already lost him as a client.

“I will never fly with them again.”

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