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Can potatoes be part of a healthy diet?

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Root vegetables grown in the ground are known to cause blood sugar spikes and bloating. But putting potatoes in that category would be an overstatement of their own health.

Researchers have revealed that potatoes are a nutrient-dense vegetable that has many health benefits.

Nutritionists say there is a misconception about potatoes that they have no nutrients but only starch, that is, their sweetness only causes obesity. Such assumptions cause dieters to fear and stop consuming potatoes. Even though the truth is the opposite.

According to nutritionists, 173 grams of potatoes contains 161 calories, while it is also rich in vitamin B6, potassium, copper, vitamin C, manganese, phosphorus, fiber and vitamin B3.

Quitting potatoes does not prove that people who want to lose weight will now be thinner and smarter.

In case of not eating potatoes It cannot be argued that obesity will not occur. Or are only potatoes causing obesity?

Fitness experts recommend eating boiled potatoes for people who exercise vigorously on a daily basis. This proves that potatoes are a healthy food and not bad.

Nutritionists say that all foods are beneficial to health in moderation, and too much harm. Potatoes can also be used to improve health and eliminate various complaints. You can do the same.

According to nutritionists, potatoes contain unique acids that improve mental health. People with Alzheimer’s disease should consume as many potatoes as possible.

The potassium in potatoes helps relax muscles and repair muscles affected by exercise or fatigue. Potatoes strengthen bones because they contain calcium.

According to nutritionists, while potatoes contain carbohydrates, But it also has fiber, which improves the efficiency of the digestive system.

Consuming potatoes balances blood pressure. Like salads, potatoes can be baked or boiled.

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