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Ever After Music Festival ticket holders continue to look for answers after the team posted on social media that refunds were being issued.

“I got nothing,” said ticket holder Mandy Desuroult. “That’s a huge amount to spend on nothing, and at this point, I’ve lost all hope that I’m getting my money back.”

On Friday, the Ever After team posted on Instagram that an email was sent with information on how to get a refund.

The social media post comes a week after the popular electronic dance festival banned the event after it did not get proper approval.

But many ticket holders said that they are yet to get any information about getting their money back.

“I haven’t got any emails. I know nobody’s got emails,” Desrault said.

Emily Rainville says she’s been trying to get a refund for two years, spending about $1,000 in 2020 on the festival, which was postponed by the pandemic.

She is looking for a lawyer and has launched a page on Instagram called ‘forever after hunt‘ to those affected by the canceled festival, which has gained nearly 600 followers.

“A lot of people feel really, really frustrated,” Rainville said. “I didn’t think it would get so much traction so fast.”

A source directly involved with the handling of the event told CTV News that around 14,000 tickets were sold for this year’s festival since 2020.

According to Ever After’s website, the festival’s longtime partner Unity Travel took over as the “primary platform” this year.

CTV News learned that the company that previously ran the event, Beyond Oz Productions, filed for bankruptcy in December.

Although Unity Travel’s website notes refunds won’t be issued after 24 hours, Toronto-based music attorney Paul Banawat said it’s not that simple.

“Ultimately, when someone doesn’t give you what you bargained for, when it’s beyond the reasonable expectations of the parties entering into that agreement, you must resort to some sort of recourse in law,” Banawat said.

Also, Banwat said it can be difficult to decide what people are entitled to as every situation is different.

“We have to look at the circumstances of that particular event, what went wrong, how far from the original promised event those circumstances were. What was promised and how was the promise made and what the contract said, all these things,” Banwat said.

“You can remove that uncertainty by passing legislation. If this overall is something that people feel strongly about, that’s a very logical way to address it,” he concluded.

In a statement, the Ministry of Public and Business Service Delivery wrote that it is “strengthening consumer protection for Ontario and promoting fairness and transparency by conducting the first comprehensive review of the Consumer Protection Act in 15 years.”

People are encouraged to contact Consumer Protection Ontario if they have questions about their specific circumstances or refund rights, the statement said.

In the meantime, it’s a game of wait and see as ticket holders continue to search for answers.

“I started this Instagram and now I feel like I have a huge responsibility, but no one is answering me,” Rainville said.

CTV News reached out to Unity Travel over email and how people can get refunds but did not hear back.


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