Case of death of youth drowned in mine. The relatives stood waiting for an ambulance for two hours after taking the dead body out of the water. IG News

Bhopal5 hours ago

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The body of a youth who drowned in a water-filled mine in Shanti Nagar, Gandhi Nagar was recovered by the NDRF team on Thursday morning. The relative alleged that after taking out the body, he had to stand outside the mine for about two hours waiting for the ambulance. Policemen also kept harassing in the name of Panchnama action. In the afternoon the body was embalmed and handed over to the family.

The accident happened on Wednesday afternoon

On Wednesday afternoon, the deceased Mahesh Solanki (38) went into deep water while taking bath in the open mine of Shanti Nagar. His friends Santosh and Raja Babu had stopped him from going further into deep water but he did not agree. After going into deep water he started drowning. Santosh and Raja Babu tried to inform people about the incident by making noise but by then Mahesh drowned in water.

body was not found

As soon as information about the incident was received, Mahesh’s family and police also reached the spot. On police information, Municipal Corporation divers and NDRF had reached the spot. Both the teams carried out the rescue operation till darkness fell but Mahesh Solanki could not be found anywhere. The NDRF team found the body at 9 am on Thursday.

The brother-in-law of the deceased made these allegations

Pradeep, brother-in-law of the deceased, said that after removing the body, it had to be kept on the bank of Khanti for about two hours. The ambulance did not come on time even after several calls. After the ambulance arrived and left with the dead body, a call came from the policeman. He said to return with the dead body. Panchnama action will have to be taken at the incident site. Why did Panchnama not come to take action for so long?