Case of Gadhi of Daurd-Bichpuri village of Vijaypur police station area. , Dead body of a person found buried under stones, suspicion of murder, was missing since September 18 IG News

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Sheopur – A dead body crushed with stones has been found in the ruins of an old fort situated on a deserted hill. Coconut and puja items have also been found near the dead body, looking at which it seems as if it was due to greed for land wealth or some sorcery. This murder must have been done for this.

The dead body is about 8 days old, which has been identified as Amrit Lal alias Mitta, resident of Daurd village. Vijaypur Police has sent the body to the PM, established a path and started investigating the case.

The matter pertains to the old ruins of Garhi situated on the hill near Daurd-Bichpuri village of Vijaypur police station area. While on Monday, the body of a person named Amritlal alias Mitta was found buried under the stones, the deceased was missing since September 18, whose wife had reached Vijaypur police station on September 23 and complained about her husband’s disappearance, the police registered a missing person. While she was searching for Amrit Lal alias Mitta, on Monday evening the police got information over phone that an unknown body was buried in the ruins of Garhi near Daurd-Bichpuri village.

When the police reached the spot, they could not identify the dead body as it was old, later the family members of the deceased reached the spot and identified the body, which was identified as that of Amritlal alias Mitta. Now the police is searching for those two people with whom Amritlal had left his house on September 18, because now only these people will reveal the secret of the murder, what happened due to which Amritlal was murdered and the body was buried under the stones. Went.

Regarding this, Vijaypur SDOP Atul Singh says that a dead body has been found buried under the stones in the ruins of Purani Garhi, which has been taken out and identified, possibly it is the body of the person who went missing on September 18. PM is being made, further action will be taken.