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Jallianwala Scandal of Gujarat – Praful Shah

Say the influence of the wonderful personality of Motilal Tejawat, the enormous influence of the Eki movement or the British. The mental cowardice of the princely state, even after the Darwav massacre, humanity, practicality, dexterity or good society did not grow in them. Perhaps they did not care at all about the lives of Indians and other tribals, Bhils and Garasiyas.
So the cruel, unwise and stone-hearted British formed different teams for a surgical strike on Sirohi. In addition to Englishmen like Lieutenant Baselgate, Major Pritchard, Major Walker, troops led by native salarymen like Sukhdev Siddhanath and Jamadar Hira were settled and sent to Valoria. According to the strategy of these people, the first attack on Valoria was on the 5th of May. Then on the sixth it was the turn of Bhola and finally on the seventh it was the turn of Navavasa.
On 5th May, 1922, the squad that left at 5.30 am was at a distance of 600 feet i.e. 300 yards from the village of Vasa. It was from there that the bullet was fired at the top of the hill. Their first target, Valoria, was barely two miles away. Bhils were also deposited on the roads and hilltops there. A detachment of the Mewar Bhil Corps under Lt. Baselgate and two platoons under the command of Major Walker moved forward with the name of evacuating the hilly area first.
During the advance it was noticed that the Bhils had gathered in large numbers on the left.
Instead of trying to convince or pacify this huge crowd, the British adopted the opposite method. Major Walker and the Sirohi State Army opened fire on them as they advanced.
But Bhiloy was in no mood to fear the bullet. It was a battle for survival, a battle for justice and equality. As the Bhils approached the village, the British pushed the princely army back one and a half miles. What tremendous courage and fire in the mind to brave a huge armed army without fearing at all.
War started in Valoria. There were two and a half to three thousand Bhils. The British sealed off the village boundary to prevent help from outside. The fierce battle lasted for about two and a half to two and a half hours. Some Bhils saw the army coming and hid in the mountains to save their lives. According to the confession of the British, 11 Bhils were killed in Valoria. The British-princely army did not suffer a loss of life. He burnt the village of Valoria.
In Valoria (sometimes referred to as ‘Balolia’) houses were set on fire. In addition to grain and grass, all domestic animals also turned to ashes. Seeing such brutality, many people got scared and fled to the mountains because otherwise many innocent people would have been killed in the population of six thousand in this village.
According to one report, Major Pritchard was the mastermind behind the military action in Valoria. Anyone found alive should be given a single threat or break the oath taken for a movement or else this will happen.
After this barbaric act, the commanders of this brutal army gave a warning in a letter to Nawawasa and Bhola villages that they still believe… otherwise we will burn your village to ashes. At gunpoint, Mushtaq Kamakkalo was sure that both the villagers would come running on their knees and fight, but it did not happen.
On the 6th of May, the killer army left for Bhola. There were as many Bhils as buses in this village. A relatively modest battle took place in Atla Valoria. Some innocent people were killed in this. On his part, Lieutenant Baselgate ordered the unarmed Bheelon to flee to the mountains.
He taunted them as they fled and waited for his order to leave, but after a while most of the Bhils were out of gunshot range. Where to get angry now? The houses of the village were set on fire again.
On the same evening, the troops of the British rulers left the village and left for Nawawasa. Bhils were killed there too. And Holi of the houses was done. Immediately left here and reached Rohera.
If you know the details of the repression that took place on May 5 and 6, you will be shocked. According to government statistics, 24 Bhils were killed. The condition of Valoria, Bhola and Navavasa worsened after the cremation.
To realize this apocalypse, Mewar Bhil Corps 430
Leaving rounds, the princely forces fired 1522 rounds. This is the fifth May number. On May 6, the Mewar Bhil Corps fired 135 rounds, while the princely forces fired three rounds.
In this the British bureaucrats
Dumpash Mari or by princely forces
The number of pills released is not correct,
The best performance was done by Mewar Bhil Corps.
This time the oppressors were more jailed, but they did not know that there was a systematic protest against them.