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Ys Avinash Reddy: The CBI issued notices to Kadapa MP Ys Avinash Reddy, who is accused in the Ys Viveka murder case, on Monday. It stated that CBI should come for investigation on Tuesday. But Ys Avinash Reddy has written a letter to the CBI saying that he will not be able to come for the investigation today. Recently CBI responded positively to this letter. CBI once again issued a notice to Ys Avinash Reddy to attend the inquiry on 19th of this month. It is known that CBI has sent notices to Avinash Reddy on WhatsApp.

Meanwhile, Kadapa MP YS Avinash Reddy gave a twist to the CBI officials that he is not able to attend the CBI investigation today. Avinash (Ys Avinash Reddy) asked the CBI that he cannot come for the investigation today.. He will come for the investigation after 4 days.. Until then. It is known that Avinash (Ys Avinash Reddy) has told the CBI that he is unable to come to the hearing due to the schedule of the pre-fixed events. It is known that Avinash Reddy is facing charges in the YS Viveka murder case. CBI has already interrogated him 7 times in this order..on Monday, it once again issued notices under 160 CRPC. But Avinash Reddy gave a twist that he was expected to attend the CBI investigation. But it remains to be seen how CBI will respond to Avinash Reddy’s appeal.

Meanwhile, Ys Avinash Reddy came to Hyderabad from Kadapa yesterday after the CBI issued notices. Even on Tuesday morning, when it was known that he had left for CBI investigation, the decision was unexpectedly changed. There are many speculations about the reasons for this. There is a discussion that Avinash Reddy (Ys Avinash Reddy) received a call while going to CBI investigation. But it became interesting to know who the phone call came from. But the details are not known yet.

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