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Celebrate Eid but remember to eat in moderation.

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Instantly a glimpse of Eid was seen while chaos was seen everywhere. Women who are busy with household chores also focus on the food menu at their Eid banquets so that there is no shortage of food for the benefit of the guests.

On the special occasion of Eid new clothes are prepared. Various food Fountains of delicious food are everywhere. Many types of food and desserts are made not only in homes but also in markets.

In this situation It is a little difficult for people to stop themselves from eating and drinking delicious things. Because after fasting in the month of Ramadan for one month The human stomach is soft, so it does not create a sudden burden on the stomach.

Although chicken food is specially prepared on the occasion of Eid. But after fasting for one month Sudden consumption of junk food and chicken food can cause many gastritis. But it also affects your body’s systems. Not only may you be overweight or obese.

That is why medical experts recommend eating in moderation on Eid. By avoiding all types of chicken food. Especially spicy and spicy food on Eid day. Instead of eating junk food Eat more vegetables and fruits.

The water and fiber in fruits and vegetables gives a feeling of fullness and quenches thirst. Meanwhile, the sweetness in fruits also satisfies the human body’s need for sugar.

Medical experts state that On the occasion of Eid, there is a strong need to eat and drink. Exercise is also important.

Many people forget to exercise on the occasion of Eid or other festivals. But don’t forget to exercise during exercise. The body releases happy hormones, endorphins, which not only control appetite. But also control your emotions. It also gives satisfactory results.

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