Center Says, Air Force Receives Over 94,000 Applications Under ‘Agnipath’ In 4 Days IG News

News Daily Digital Desk: The whole country was ablaze with the Indian Army’s Agnipath project. Opponents demanded the cancellation of the project. That project was the flood of job seekers’ applications. It is learned that in four days alone, about one lakh job seekers have applied for this contractual appointment in the Air Force. Defense Ministry spokesman Bharat Bhushan tweeted this on Monday.

On June 14, the Ministry of Defense announced the contract-based Agnipath project. After that, unrest spread across the country with this appointment of 4 years. Job seekers protested in several states of the country including Bihar, West Bengal and Uttar Pradesh. That protest turned violent in most cases. Many government properties were destroyed, including burning trains and vandalizing buses. Occurs until the death of two persons. On the other hand, the police made arrests all over the country. Even a young man from Rajasthan, frustrated with the Agnipath project, committed suicide. That project is now flooded with job applications.

[আরও পড়ুন: দুই সহকর্মীকে খুন করে বেপাত্তা জওয়ান, পাঠানকোটের সেনা ছাউনিতে চাঞ্চল্য]

It is learned that 94,261 applications have been submitted to the Indian Air Force for the Agneepath project. These figures are up to 10:30 a.m. Monday. July 5 is the last day to apply for the Agnipath project. From this it is possible to guess where the number of applications can reach. Defense Ministry spokesperson Bharat Bhushan tweeted the statistics of the job seekers’ applications.

[আরও পড়ুন: অমরনাথ যাত্রার তিনদিন আগে পাক অনুপ্রবেশকারীকে নিকেশ করল BSF]

The new project of the Center is in the interest of modernization while keeping the manpower of the Indian Army intact. Through this, personnel will be recruited in the army temporarily for 4 years. Whose costume name is ‘Agnibir’. But the Agnipath Scheme, announced by the Center, drew strong reactions from army job seekers across the country. Under pressure, the home ministry said there would be a 10 per cent reservation for firefighters in recruitment to the CAPF and Assam Rifles. In the case of recruitment in those paramilitary forces, the age limit will also be reduced to 3 years. Not only that, keeping in mind the current situation, it has been decided to give a 5-year discount for the first batch in the recruitment of Agnibir. On the other hand, several BJP-ruled states have announced that firefighters will be given priority in state police jobs.

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