Central government separated from Indian Science Congress-2024 IG News

New Delhi, September 25 (Language) The Central Government on Monday distanced itself from the Indian Science Congress Association, accusing it of taking ‘unilateral decisions’.

The government has taken this decision after the Indian Science Congress Association changed the venue of the Indian Science Congress (ISC)-2024 from Lucknow University to Lovely Professional University, Jalandhar.

The Department of Science and Technology (DST) issued a notice to all secretaries of scientific departments saying that the government has also decided that no support will be provided by DST for the ISC program to be held in 2024.

The Indian Science Congress Association has been organizing the Indian Science Congress (ISC) every year since 1914, which has been inaugurated by the Prime Minister since independence. The Indian Science Congress is an annual gathering of scientists.

There has been a standoff between the government and ISCA for the past few years over organizing the conference. The Government has been running the India International Science Festival (IISF) as a parallel program since 2015.

In a notice issued on Monday, DST said ISCA has taken a unilateral decision to transfer the ISC program to Lovely Professional University (in Punjab).

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