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Central inquiry against CM’s daughter’s company IG News


Thiruvananthapuram: After some time, allegations of corruption against Chief Minister Veena Vijayan’s daughter’s company are resurfaced. After the central agency announced a probe against Veena Vijayan’s Exalogic, the controversy is being debated again for months. The Corporation of Registrars under the Central Government has announced an inquiry against Exalogic. The central agency has announced a detailed investigation into the allegations related to CMRL. At the same time, it is also worth noting that the state KSIDC also falls under the scope of the investigation.

Exalogic has already been accused of corruption after months of controversy. It was opposition MP Mathew Kuzhalnadu who came forward with continuous allegations against Veena Vijayan’s company. The investigation now announced by the Department of Enterprise against Exalogic will certainly add more weight to these allegations. The CPM leadership, defending Kuzhalnadan Veen Vijayan, who met the media immediately after the inquiry was announced, demanded that he react to the announcement of the central inquiry.

The central agency will primarily investigate Exalogic’s financial viability. The agency will also investigate the relationship of state government body KSIDC with CMRL. It is also interesting to see how the leadership will deal with the announcement of the investigation, which came out before today’s meeting of the CPM state committee.

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