Centuries-old Luksan market submerged in light rain, traders angry over poor drainage system – Uttarbanga Sambad IG News

Nagrakata: Ravibasari Hat Chattura of Luksan under the control of Jalpaiguri Zilla Parishad flooded due to heavy rain. Due to this, many businessmen could not set up shop. Many go back. The victims blamed poor sewage system for the submergence of the hut area. They were also seen to be angry about the matter. Zilla Parishad Assistant Chairman Dulal Debnath said that soon the builders will come to see the situation of the market. Necessary steps will be taken.

According to documents, the hut of Luxan is centuries old. However, there is no problem of maintenance there, the concerned businessmen complain. In addition to 7 tea gardens in the vicinity, residents of neighboring Bhutan also come to shop in that market on Sundays. Various types of traders also brought pasar from far away. From Sunday morning, there is heavy rain in various areas including Nagarakata, Luxan. Due to this, the water in the market overflows. Even if the rain subsides, the whole area is flooded. As a result, many businessmen went back after seeing the situation. As Munna Goswami, a jewelery trader says, Hat Babu comes and takes only Khaznai. There is no one to look after the market. Drains are full of garbage. They are also not cleared for a long time. Although attention is drawn to this issue in various quarters, no one listens. A meat seller named Bikash Lama said, “If such a situation happens in the rains of Chaitra, then what will happen in the rainy season is frightening.” What else can be done on a knee in water? How will the customers come?

The traders of Luxan Hut say that the sheds there are broken. No reform for a long time. Shopkeepers do business by hanging polythene somehow. The sewage drain is like a dumping ground like a poison boil on the ground. Garbage from the entire market is thrown into the drain. There is no way for the water to pass through because of the plastic. As a result, the entire market is taking the appearance of a reservoir in a single rain. Hat Babu Shambhu Prasad said that the drains are cleaned regularly. But again this is happening because of garbage.