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It is no secret that Ch Moazzam Ishaq has gained a lot of experience as a young actor and entry into the Pakistani drama industry. He has achieved this by working with directors like Ilyas Kashmiri and Syed Wajahat Hussain in such a short span of time.

His interest in acting from an early age later paved the way for him to win the famous Hum TV Award for Best Supporting Actor. In his career, he has closely examined the performances of many famous people from the Pakistani film and drama industry, including Bilal Khan, Ahsan Khan and Affan Waheed. He has acted in three prime-time drama serials in Pakistan, of which ‘Khamoshi’ is the most famous. These days, actors have to take on the roles of influencers, philanthropists and role models to be the talk of the town and stay on top. Being the best in acting is an everlasting classic rule that can never be denied.

Moazzam shares what she’s learned from her acting career, playing diverse roles at such a young age, as 6 Hot Takes for New Actors, No matter Who and Where They’re From. These are:

1. If the script isn’t your best friend, you’re done.

“There are often horrific incidents of young talented actors being turned away from the sets only for not taking the script more seriously. The script should be considered as a bible for the art of acting, and without it there is no existence in the profession”, he said.

According to what they share, those who tend to improve in their first few roles suffer the consequences. Newbies should try to learn the script carefully and never try to get the slightest off-script. The film Wajud, made in 2020, was a film on a serious subject but it could have been shot in a better way if it had not had Danish Taimur in the lead role. Danish Taimur does a great job in comedy roles.

2. Manage your time on set to coordinate with the production team,

“An actor being too social or being lax on set is a significant sign of unprofessional behavior,” says Ishaq. He further added, “For film direction, it comes as a big disappointment when the efforts of the production crew go in vain due to actors who don’t have simple work ethic.”

Many projects turn into disrepair if time is not managed properly. An example is Syed Noor’s Chain Ae Na, where allegedly everything was a mess. Nothing seemed to happen when I had to.

3. There is no such thing as an easy scene that requires little effort,

“Each scene requires the same amount of devotion and work from the actor. If they find certain scenes easy or less important, it will surely drive the director crazy and frustrate everyone on the sets. One incident that I will always remember was that of the play ‘Khamoshi’, when the entire day’s filming was lost because the crew was not trying hard enough”, Ishaq said.

This is one of the reasons why he was seen acting with utmost dedication in the scenes of silence.

4. Maintain continuity in the film reel, so you are never cut off from the film,

Says Ishaq, “The best way to ensure that your scene doesn’t get cut in the final edit is to always make sure that the sequences are done in continuity. If there are some complicated steps, the actor should be responsible for writing them down and getting the job done. A pro tip is to never touch your hair or dress in between scenes. ,

A promising young actress, Ishaal Fayaz made her screen debut in Khaleel Ur Rehman Qamar’s Kaaf opposite Kangana but she did not get the credit she deserved as Moazzam discussed above, due to which she was cut from several scenes .

5. Go Go with your director’s flow unconditionally,

“The director can be the toughest person to face on the sets. It is also a fact that no scene can be called complete unless the director says it is done. Actors must have the ability and flexibility to do what the director warns them to do, even if the director is the most unpleasant person on the entire set. The best directors in Pakistan like Wajahat Rauf are known for their choice in such delicate matters”, said Ch Moazzam.

He urged deeply that actors often do not get what is going on in the mind of the director. There can be a big difference between what the director wants and what the actors are performing on the set. Later, it is mostly the same directors who recommend actors for award nominees as well.

6. Build a strong presence everywhere on social media,

“The role of social media influencers today is a neat trick that they can roll up their sleeve to increase their reach to the masses. Actors these days are not only desired by their fans on TV and cinema screens but they also like to interact with them on a daily basis with the help of their social media handles”, said Ishaq in the last.

These days the top names of the industry have millions of followers on social media. This is a new tactic to make a successful career as an actor.

Ch Moazzam Ishaq’s post 6 Hot Takes for Millennial Actors first appeared on Pakistan Tribune.


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