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Reporter : Santosh

Location : Warangal

For the last few days, chain snatchings have been going on in Warangal and Hanumakonda cities. But recently, it is known that chains were stolen from the necks of a law student and women working in Bharosa Kendra under the jurisdiction of Subedari Police Station in Hanumakonda. But since then, Subedari Police and CCS Police have jointly launched a search for those thieves. Finally, the thief who is doing these chain snatchings has been caught.

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On the 17th of last month in the Excise Colony of Hanumakonda, he took a gold leather rope from a woman who was walking alone on the road. On February 24, he snatched a gold chain from the neck of a woman who was coming from Ekasila Park. The stolen gold chain was sold to Gundu Shivprasad, owner of Shiv Sai Gold Shop in Shivnagar by Vamsi Krishna, owner of Shanmukha Gold Shop near Warangal Railway Gate.

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After the victims lodged a complaint with the Subedari police, the case was handed over to the CCS police. Special teams were formed under the supervision of DCP Pushpareddy, ACP Davidraju and Inspector. Police identified the accused based on technology and CCTV cameras. Police received information that the accused was coming from Hanumakonda Bus Station Higrivachari Ground Road. As a result, the Subedari police caught the accused Aman police while checking the vehicles.

To this extent, when the police interrogated Aman, he confessed his mistakes and showed the gold he sold and the shops where he bought the gold. The police have registered a case against the accused along with three others who bought the gold. A two-wheeler was seized along with the gold. The DCP congratulated the police officers for their efforts in nabbing the accused.

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