Chandrayaan-3 | Absurd statement of Gehlot’s minister on Chandrayaan-3, said- I salute our passengers who have gone IG News

Ashok Chandna on Chandrayaan-3

Jaipur. A Rajasthan minister on Wednesday mistakenly saluted the “travellers” participating in the ‘Chandrayaan-3’ mission. Rajasthan Sports Minister Ashok Chandna said this a few hours before Chandrayaan’s unmanned lander landed on the lunar surface.

He told reporters on the sidelines of an event here, “If we were successful and there was a safe landing… I salute our passengers who have gone. Our country has taken a step forward in science and space research, I congratulate all its countrymen.

Creating a new history in the space sector, ISRO on Wednesday successfully soft-landed the LM equipped with lander ‘Vikram’ and rover ‘Pragyan’ on the south pole of the Moon. According to Indian time, it touched the surface of the moon at around 6.04 pm. At the same time, the rover came out of the lander after 2 hours 26 minutes of landing.

After this success, India has achieved another achievement. India has also become the fourth country in the world to make a soft landing on the lunar surface. Chandrayaan-3’s lander and rover will do research on the moon for the next 14 days. 1 day on the Moon is 14 days on Earth. That’s why Lander and Rover will get only one day’s time on the moon for their research.

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Soon after the successful landing of Chandrayaan-3’s Vikram Lander, ISRO chief S Somnath expressed happiness that we have been successful in soft landing on the Moon. India is now on the moon. PM Modi also participated in the landing program through video conference from South Africa.

PM Modi congratulated ISRO scientists for this achievement. He said, “This moment is unforgettable, this moment is unprecedented, this moment is the conch shell of developed India. This is the moment to shout for a new India. This is the moment to cross the ocean of difficulties. This is the moment to walk on the lunar path of victory. This moment is of the power of 140 crore beats. This is the moment of new energy, new faith, new consciousness in India.

PM Modi said, “When we see such historical moments, we feel very proud. This is the sunrise of new India. We made a resolution on earth and realized it on the moon. India is now on the Moon. No country has reached there (the south pole of the Moon) before.”

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He said, “With the hard work of our scientists, we have reached there. India’s successful moon mission is not of India alone. This success belongs to the whole humanity. Once upon a time it was said that Chanda Mama is from far away, now a day will also come when children will say that Chanda Mama is just of a tour.

The Chandrayaan-3 mission cost Rs 600 crore and was launched on July 14 using the launch vehicle ‘Launch Vehicle Mark-III’ (LVM-III) rocket. The lander and the six-wheeled rover (total weight 1,752 kg) are designed to work for a duration of one lunar day (equivalent to about 14 Earth days). The lander had several sensors to ensure a safe landing on the lunar surface, including an accelerometer, altimeter, Doppler velometer, inclinometer, touchdown sensor, and cameras for hazard avoidance and position information. (with agency inputs)