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New Delhi: Chat GPT Paid Version : Artificial intelligence research startup Open AI launched AI chatbot ChatGPT in November last year. Chatbot is constantly in the news. Because, it can create a complete text on any topic. It also has the ability to do many things like a human. Poems or stories can be written using it. A week ago, the company talked about monetizing the open-to-all chatbot. Now the company has started bringing the premium version as well. The company has named it ChatGPT Professional.

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A paid version of the popular AI chatbot is available for $42 per month. This was revealed through a LinkedIn post. Users will get additional features with the premium version of ChatGPT. Users will also get priority access with improved availability, faster response time.

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The ChatGPT Professional plan will enhance the user experience. Due to experimental features, its experience may be different for different users. It depends on what kind of agreement is made with OpenAI. Currently ChatGPT Professional will not be accessible to the general public. Currently, these premium features are being made available to select users.

ChatGPT is also offering an OpenAI waitlist link for professional membership on its Discord server. The paid version will also be made available on high-demand and will have no blackout windows, the company claims. Along with this, users will also get less throttling and faster response rate. Users will get priority access to new features and higher API request limits with Premium.

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